I Am
Nate Wiersma

4th Year Industrial Design Student With a minor in business
At Carleton University 
Ottawa, Ontario
I am currently looking for an internship opportunity to become more knowledgeable, develop new skills and contribute to a team environment in the field of Industrial Design.

My passion for Industrial Design stems from the exhilarating process of design, where problems spark curiosity, curiosity becomes knowledge, knowledge manifests ideas and the massaging of ideas becomes innovation. 


Through my education and work experience I have developed strong work ethic, self-discipline, exceptional teamwork and leadership abilities, a relentless desire to improve and strong communication skills. These skills are what continuously allow me to refine and enhance my abilities as an Industrial Designer. I strive to improve my existing understanding of the design process, attention to detail, ability to think critically, communicate visually and my confidence using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, SolidWorks and KeyShot.


For me, design is tool that allows humans to solve problems, innovate, and become more efficient. As a designer, I must consider the entire system and create products that improve the lives and experiences of those who interact with them without disrupting another environment.